Blog created to express myself and my crazy mood.

What you'll find here?

I’m a Lover & Admirer of the female form & all things sexually explicit. Amazed by women.

Music, text, quotes, beliefs & random stuff that isn't sexually related will pop up from time to time which hopefully will be to your liking and can make you smile, laugh or can make you feel in that special mood.. I like music, beauty, elegance, art, eroticism, redheads, tattoos (like someone said: ladies made of porcelain and fire), and... more.

I do not claim ownership of any pictures included on this blog unless stated otherwise. All images, unless otherwise noted, were either reblogged from other Tumblr blogs (mostly) or taken from other sites on the internet and are assumed to be in the public domain. If I do have credit for the photographer/writer, I will post it.

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In those cases where the origin is unknown and you would like to see proper credit given please contact me via my page. That is to say, if any of the material linked here it is yours, just tell me and I will credit you or remove them - whichever you would prefer.
I take no ownership for any of the pictures on this blog unless otherwise stated. That being said, if you find any pics of you that you would like me to remove, then feel free to let me know and they will be removed immediately.


Almost every image in this blog are “adult nature (content)” and are NSFW…PLEASE 18+ ONLY (21 in some places)!!!!!; If you proceed to view these images implies that you have acknowledged your desire to view such content and verify that you are of legal age to view such content. If you do not wish to view adult content or are not of legal age, then please leave now.

I do reblog some images containing sex, nudity or close to it as well as disturbing photos on occasion. If you find these things offensive, I am warning you now, not to follow me!